About Sven Ericsson

Sven Ericsson, the author of Bucky: A Novel, is a Philadelphia native. As a journalist he covered the State of New Jersey in the pre-Internet era, picking up the bad habit of keeping a reporter’s notebook in his back pocket at all times, as well as ink stained hands from his furious scribbling.

A polymath, he worked as a computer engineer, designing voice recognition software to be used by the United States Navy. Separately, he developed an early version of a file transfer and networking architecture to be used for secure transfers of data for multiple software programs.

As an attorney, he continues to be a consultant for  Fortune 100 companies involving high profile pharmaceutical, environmental and financial services lawsuits.

This is Sven’s first novel, the product of six years work. He is already working on his next novel, which he promises won’t take six years to complete.

Sven lives in the New York area, is married and has two children, and a dog.

He can be reached at sericsson@tetrabooks.net.

His blog is available at tetrabooks.net.



Bucky: A Novel by Sven Ericsson is available for Kindle and in paperback at Amazon.com.