What reviewers are saying about Bucky:

"So much action it was difficult to put the book down."

"Reminded me of the Bourne movies"

"The action scenes are well thought out and clearly defined and the character histories are well integrated and interesting."

Bucky is the latest techno-thriller by Sven Ericsson. A mathematician makes a world-changing discovery. He is chased around the world by a relentless team of ex-Army Ranger mercenaries on the hunt for his discovery. Will his intelligence and Shin Bet training keep him alive?

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When the mathematician Isaac Strauss takes a leap of faith and makes a discovery which could save mankind from destroying themselves - and also make him wealthy beyond imagination - he is hunted across the world by a relentless team of mercenaries. They'll stop at nothing to extract his discovery from him. What we can tell you is that It involves Carbon-60 - sometimes known as the "world's most beautiful molecule" - also known affectionately as buckyballs.

But buckyballs won't help Isaac Strauss. Only his intelligence and Shin Bet training can keep him alive... for the moment. 

Who will betray him to the forces who want to corrupt his discovery? Could it be: 

  • His girlfriend, the comely college sophomore disappointed that she cannot be an artist? 

  • His companion, who has a shadowy past working for a powerful terrorist organization, and extensive contacts in the criminal underworld? 

  • His Rabbi, who helped raised him but is cloistered in an apartment with only musty Zionist tomes as companions? 

  • The seductive corporate scientist, who would like nothing more than to use Isaac's body for her own purposes before profiting off his invention? 

  • His mother, whose disappointment in him not following the wishes of his deceased father grows by the day? 

  • The scientists he recruits to help him take his discovery from mere concept to reality? 

  • Or is it... any of the terrorists, international corporate syndicates, or drug lords he needs to do business with to stay alive? 

A chase across the globe keeps Isaac's wits about him. Still, his Israeli Defense Force training can only take him so far. 

The pace is fast and non-stop, and the tension doesn't relent until...

Well, you'll have to read Bucky, the action-packed novel by Sven Ericsson to find out.