There is something about having a publication in print rather than just in digital format that is an inherent need for many authors. I'm no exception. Nevertheless, must have some odd hangup. I published Bucky first only in digital, and wrestled for a couple years with putting it out as a paperback.

I have no logical excuse for not putting it out as a paperback. It's not like the old days where your choices for getting a book in print were to go the traditional route and get an agent and then maybe the agent is able to strike a deal with a publisher, or suffer upfront costs trying to publish and distribute a book yourself. I have no issue following the traditional route but I simply don't have the patience to try to get an agent and hope for a publishing deal. I certainly wouldn't mind the editing and marketing help though, as well as the broader distribution. Its just not right for me, right now.

The old self publishing route was filled with some shady characters, and it was rough getting your book distributed. If you were lucky you might get your book into Ingram or another distributor and then into bookstores.

That's not the case now. The costs are much lower to get a book published on demand. You still have to do a bit of work but the risks are far lower than in the past. The price for a paperback is still more expensive than digital - unfortunately there's no getting around that, but still the process has vastly improved from how books were published in the past.

So I'm boggled why I didn't get Bucky into paperback sooner. The market for those who read paperbacks is still quite large. And the process for getting a book into paperback isn't particularly onerous.

But - good news. The deed is done. Bucky will be available in paperback soon. Rejoice non-Kindle readers! I have to admit I look forward to seeing it on the shelf. Hopefully you will too.