Flash Fiction - That Old Oak Tree

    The shot fwipped over the President's head. I knew it would come to this. Demagogues. They don't pay me to have political beliefs but I knew this President, who didn't have any, would be the one most likely to have bullets fired at him. I pulled him down, and all six feet three inches thudded just as a shot blazed where he was standing.
    "Stay the hell down," I said.
    "I can take out these guys," the President said, reaching for his Beretta. 
    "Put that thing away, you'll get yourself killed." I pressed him onto the concrete and covered his body with mine. Crazy Philadelphia hothead. That attitude gets him elected but would get himself killed.
    "Don't move yet," I said. The crowd stampeded and two other Secret Service agents swarmed looking for threats.
    Another shot blasted the concrete near the President's feet.
    "Listen, we've got to get out of here. Are you ready to run?" The President nodded. "Run behind that old Oak tree. Now!"
    I pulled the President up and we sprinted. I tried to keep close to him, so I'd be more likely to take the hit. Unfortunately this one exercised quite a bit, so it was difficult to keep up with him at a full sprint. The fit Presidents were the worst.
    Another blast. Pressing his back against the Oak tree, the President held his arm. "Jesus, Bill, they got me. Well at least its just my left arm. You think I'm going to bleed out?"
    "Ah sir, I don't know. Wrap your belt around your upper arm, tight as you can. And stay behind the tree. Keep your arm above your head, Mr. President."
    I sent a message over the radio that we were behind the Oak, but my fellow agents were looking for the sniper. It looked like there were two assassins, but one of them was already killed from what I heard on the squawker.
    "Well at least there is a conspiracy to get you, Mr. President."
    "Freaking Republicans."
    "To be honest I think it's more likely your own party, sir."
    The President snorted. "Should've never balanced that budget."
    I raised my eyebrow. Balancing the budget took a huge amount of courage and political capital. But it pissed off people on both sides of the aisle. Only someone either politically naive or gutsy would do it. Not that I pay any attention to politics.
    A shot thudded into the other side of the tree. If they were smart they'd either run away, or position themselves for a better shot. I peeked around the tree to see a man running obliquely so he could maneuver besides us.
    "Shit. One's heading towards us."
    I pulled out my pistol, switching off the safety. "Move just a little toward the other the side of the tree. Not too far now."
    After rolling over, I fired off two rounds at the assassin, but missed. Then I heard a bang. It felt like hot wax burned into my chest. I gasped out. I tried to move closer to the President but I couldn't. So much for protecting the President.
    When I heard another crack in the air, I clenched my eyes. A millisecond later I heard a scream and a thud. I slowly opened my eyes. The President just looked like a drunk, homeless man who collapsed for the night in the park. I banged my head against the grass. 
    Total mission fail.
    "Did I get 'em, Bill?"
    I peered back at the Oak tree. The President slowly scampered up and against the Oak, and waved his Beretta at me.